Serpent's Skull

Exploration's End

And a Baby!

Having returned to camp, and after much debating amongst themselves, the companions decide to sell the Red Mantis blade back to the Assassins. Absolute piles of money are magically received! Just as the companions are thinking about all the glorious things to spend it on though, Akarundo suddenly stumbles into camp looking incredibly disheveled and upset.

“I’ve been beseiged! Humans!” Akarundo then goes onto describe the likeness of Dargon Etter, the leader of the Asper’s Consortium, long time rival of the companions. He also describes some of the officers of the Sargovah government however, causing some brows to wrinkle in bewilderment at this apparently newfound alliance between the two groups. Akarundo also adds though, that there seemed to be some other man giving orders to everyone. The companions of course take Akarundo in and offer both shelter and revenge for his destroyed settlement! Just as the companions are readying themselves for this new task, two bedraggled men drag themselves into camp. It is none other than Jask and Ichirou! Suspicions are immediately high until the two begin to explain themselves. It would seem as though both groups are under the influence of a man known as Arnod and both are concerned about the mental states of their respective camps. It is also made clear that this Arnod is hunting down Akarundo, much to Akarundo’s bewilderment about what he could have possibly done.

The companions start to make plans to set up a separate attack camp near the encampment of Arnod, all the while wondering if this “man” really is a man and not the serpentfolk who has a grudge against Akarundo. Akarundo suggests a nearby mansion that although thought to be haunted would be an excellent location choice. The companions merely shrug and all head out. Partway there however they run into a rather aggitated group of serpentfolk dragging a bound blonde woman around with them. The woman appears to be wildly confused, Iss soon finds out that “Feeble Mind” has been cast upon her.


The companions attack the group after they act aggressive towards them, managing to bind two of the individuals and getting Two Socks to restrain the woman. Cecil interrogates the two that are bound and finds out that their master is trying to bring back Yderrsius and that the woman simply knows too much. They however were not the ones to cast the spell on the woman. Fed up with them Iss casts “Black Tentacle” and everyone leaves them with the woman slung over Two Socks.

Coming to the supposed “haunted” mansion, the companions quickly realize that there are indeed creatures occupying it, but perhaps are not the ones doing the true “haunting” seeing as how they were just small ghouls and skellies and were easily dealt with. It isn’t until what appears to be a cone of fatigue is cast down the stairwell at the companions that it becomes clear there is something bigger and more powerful residing within these walls. Lul, Martigan, and Cecil are all caught in the cone and begin to take large amounts of damage. Iss senses a necromatic aura about the individual and Enid manages to keep her distance well enough to slay the evil creature! Unsure what else is awaiting them in this mansion the companions decide to pause and heal up. Its during this brief interlude however that Lul finds and adopts a baby boggart! It’s incredibly adorable, not even kidding!



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