Serpent's Skull

The Passage of Time

Enid is a Slacker

Much has happened to our adventuring group of companions. Much that is not remembered, much to the chagrine of everyone. Well, maybe everyone.

Ileana was defeated, quite soundly, as well as the red mountain devil, whose teeth and talons now decorate Enid’s club of terror. Lul has fully shown herself to the companions to be a witch, something that most seem comfortable with, or perhaps they just simply ignore. Cecil has managed to continue to refine his genocide type fighting skills, with Iss as his happy accomplice. Martigan proves to be ever more honorable and prideful than before, which causes Enid no amount of frustration as she continues to haul around a certain lance which he refuses to accept. Enid and Two Socks have also continued to refine their own fighting skills, now working as a well oiled machine to flank their enemies as they tear them apart with talons and teeth and beaks.

The companions have also been rescued from the island they were trapped on for so long, going their separate ways from the shipwrecked friends they had made, but also managing to make potentially lifelong enemies of the slavers (kill them all!). Having joined up with the Pathfinder Society, the companions found themselves not only racing against other exploration groups, but also against foes as well as they tried to discover the hidden and ancient city of Savanth-Yhi. It was a long and eventful journey to the city with much killing and animal friend collecting done. Not only did Enid add to her menagerie, but Cecil also gained an Anklyosaurus as a mount with the help of Enid. With everyone, including Rolfer, traveling in style the companions managed to laboriously set up a base camp on the outskirts of Savanth-Yhi and are now helping their new friends the Pathfinder Society to be the first to discover all of the city’s secrets.

During this most recent time they have managed to take control of at least one entire sector of the city, befriend a massive bat, befriend a woman turned medusa, and rescue the few survivors of the Free Booty camp. There are many sectors of the city yet to overcome and conquer though, and after suffering defeat within the Chabu-Ka sector can they do it? Only time and perseverance will tell!



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