Serpent's Skull

A Random Day of Exploration

Really Cecil??

The companions start the day out by exploring the sector known as “Veggie Pygmy.” Whilst exploring this bit of the city the companions stumble upon a plaza of sorts, with strange, intricate streamers glinting in the sunlight as a gentle breeze caresses them. Lul attempts to cut at one of the streamers, but instead notices some humanoid shaped things wrapped in the strange streamers lying on the ground. While investigating the lumps however, Lul accidentally comes into contact with one of the wriggling streamers…and suddenly sees her father standing before her. The rest of the companions look to one another in confusion as Lul begins to seemingly flail and speak to the air before her. Iss quickly moves her back to the group telekinetically, Lul however is stilling seeing her father advance upon her and panics, casting “Obscuring Mist” around the group. Enid puts the pieces together and quickly comes to the conclusion that this must be the home of a “Dream Spider.” With this information now in hand Enid is able to convince Lul that her father is indeed not here and the young half-orc eventually calms down.

It is during this time that Iss approaches one of the strands and learns that they are near indestructible. Both he and Cecil decide to attempt to fire bomb the “bodies,” sadly in the process Cecil becomes covered in spiderlings! Throwing a firebomb at himself and with Iss casting fire bomb at him Cecil finally rids himself of the babies…only to find the mother Nightmare Dancer having descended and ready to attack!


Of course though, the companions make quick work of her and receive some wicked sweet loot! A little further exploration reveals the ziggaraut for this sector, covered unfortunately in russet mold. Cecil, jumpier than ever, yells for the companions to run away from the mold, Enid however calmly informs them all that acid will destroy the mold. Discussing what to do about the mold covering the ziggaraut, the companions don’t notice until too late the group of angry veggie pygmies that have descended into their midst! After slaughtering them the companions decide that they are actually rather tired of veggie pygmies and so quickly move out of the area and into exploring the final sector, “Troglodyte Land!”

Within moments of entering this sector the companions find themselves at a rather well-kept manor. Suspicions up, the companions enter the eerie manor and are soon confronted with a rather attractive woman who introduces herself as “Ximera.” Cecil talks to her at great length about the veggie pygmies (for some reason), and eventually she informs them that she is actually bound to this manor. She also rather seductively offers for the companions to stay the night…Enid is immediately against this and has to start trying to convince Cecil that it is a bad idea; all the while Cecil continues speaking to Ximera.


As it turns out, her lover imprisoned her here and left her for another woman, one with snake hair. At the mention of this, Cecil bursts out:

“We know her! But she didn’t have a man with her. He’s probably dead.”

Ximera bursts into tears and Lul can’t help but try to comfort her and diplomatically rejects the offer to stay the night. Everyone leaves, including Cecil, and the companions camp underneath the stars for the night. The next morning the companions leave the manor behind and continue exploring, eventually stumbling onto a rather peaceful grotto with a camp full of Serpentfolk….they ones however, appear slightly different than the previous ones the companions have interacted with. Cecil of course takes the conversation lead:

“We’re doing good deeds today! Its your lucky day!” he shouts out as the other companions face palm themselves.

“We’re looking for a blonde woman, with pointy earsss. Sssshe knowsss too much, we have to find her.” the seemingly leader serpentfolk states.

With nothing to really say to them on this matter and thinking that perhaps it might better if they find this mystery woman first, Cecil can only say:

“You fine upstanding Serpentfolk have a wonderful day!” and gives them the biggest, cheesiest smile he can before disappearing from their view.

Rolling their eyes at Cecil, the companions continue on exploring, eventually coming across another ziggaraut and depictions of the Red Mantis killing. Feeling that this may be close to the area they are looking for for the legendary sword they continue to snoop around…and are suddenly attacked by a group of troglodytes wielding none other than the legendary sword itself! Heavy fighting occurs and eventually the companions are victorious…but now do they keep the sword for themselves or sell back to the Red Mantis Assassins?…



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