Serpent's Skull

New Friends

Some are just a little more...odd...than others...

Having successfully rescued the survivors of the Free Booters camp, the leader, Callista requests the honor of joining the Pathfinder Society, along with Aerys and the six other survivors. Holding true to their friendship with Aerys, the companions agree to let them join. Iss begins to get the new friends situated within the camp when a kerfuffle is soon heard coming from the camp entrance, Cecil can even make out some awed and shocked gasps! Deciding to investigate at once the companions make their way to the camp’s entrance with Martigan in the lead.

Coming through the camp’s entrance is a rather tall and worse for the wear knight bearing a standard of Taldor (Martigan’s homeland). The ragged knight is leading two horses, upon which is thrown the body of a very dead man. Martigan calmly approaches the knight and asks where he has come from and his name. The knight looks tiredly up at Martigan and introduces himself as Sir Didamus of Taldor, supporter of the Princess. He and his allies had attempted to take on some rather large Chimeras to the south, and had not fared well. It was at this point that Sir Didamus became rather depressed with his lack of victory and honor, not to mention the death of his very dear friend. With some small amount of hope in his eyes, the knight looks to Martigan and asks if he thinks that with the help of his friends Martigan might defeat the monsters that he could not. Not wanting to lose honor, nor say no to this knight, Martigan immediately volunteers he and his companions to take on the Chimeras. Allowing Sir Didamus into the camp, the companions soon head out to do battle!


In short order the companions find themselves standing before not just one Chimera, but three, one of which is very clearly bigger and stronger than the others. Shoring up their defenses the companions waste no time beginning the fight. The Chimeras fight valiantly, but soon succumb to the attacks: Enid and Two Socks landing mighty blows with talons and teeth on one, Martigan dealing bloody blows to the leader with his lance, and Cecil, Lul, and Iss mostly just blowing up the third Chimera. Enid manages to glean some interesting information about their biology while skinning the creatures; at the same time the others notice a rather very much dead wizard in the corner. Cecil recognizes the wizard’s sigal as being one of the Asper’s Consortium…very strange that one wizard was out here alone and unable to defeat the Chimeras…the companions return to camp still puzzling over this new information.


Once back in camp Martigan finds Sir Didamus and informs him that the Chimeras are now dead. Wholly impressed with Martigan’s prowess, Sir Didamus presents him with the knight-captain’s lance that he is no longer worthy of wielding. Martigan humbly accepts the lance, but at the same time feeling embarrassed for the shamed knight before him. The others quickly ask Sir Didamus if he remembered seeing a wizard in the area of the Chimeras. It doesn’t take the knight long to remember that he did in fact see a wizard acting very strangely; he appeared to be somewhat emaciated and attempting to gather knowledge from the surrounding ruin walls. Adding this information to the strange behavior exhibited by the bogart wizard they had encountered earlier the companions feel that there is something much deeper going on in Savanth-Yhi…

Spending some extra time in camp, Martigan convinces Sir Didamus to begin training some of the camp members the art of combat (Rolfer included). Sir Didamus immediately grabs onto this idea and soon the air of camp is ringing with the sounds of training for battle. Feeling better at having given the knight something to work for and perhaps pick up his confidence and morale the companions decide to head back out and explore once more, this time returning to the pillars the bogart had been cleaning before they killed him.

Reaching the pillars with no problem, the companions are able to decipher that the pillars explain how the spear within the government sector (Snakemen sector) work; the companions are soon able to come to the conclusion that the spears must have rotated which were active within the city at any given time. Not feeling the need to activate any spear in particular right now, the companions once again return to camp briefly before heading back out to take on the shadows that had so easily defeated them previously. This time around though the companions manage to massacre them without taking any damage at all…sadly no treasure is to be found.


Unsure of which sector to conquer next, the companions pick the closest one and head on in. It just so happens to be the Snakemen sector. Coming up into the sector from the south, the companions soon find themselves face to face with a basilisk! Not wanting to really take on this creature, Enid manages to convince it that they are friends, not only getting the basilisk to leave them alone, but also getting the creature to allow Iss to hug it. Continuing on into the ruins, the companions soon find themselves outside of a large glittering red dome, the hideous smell of decaying flesh wafting out from it. With little else to do however, the companions enter it and immediately take out a couple degenerate snakemen and monkeymen. Proceeding further into the dome though, the companions are soon met with a most bewildering sight. Several dead snakemen bodies litter the floor (obviously what the smell is), and two more degenerate snakemen are standing guard before a large, seemingly crocodilian humanoid with backward hands. Lul and Enid immediately begin conversing with the humanoid when no aggressive acts are made.


The crocodilian introduces himself as Akarundo, he is simply living here and entertaining himself with the local snakemen. He is not overly attached to them and becomes bored by them from time to time. At Enid’s obviously displeasure of the dead bodies he quickly has them cleared, while simultaneously flirting and charming Lul. Iss does a little investigation and discovers that he has charmed Lul and calls him out on it while Enid manages to sense his motive. As it turns out he just wanted some friends, new aquiantances to spend time with, and was afraid that we would leave or kill him if he didn’t charm one of us. Sensing his honesty Enid is willing to give him another chance at becoming their ally, much to Martigan unhappiness. The companions spend the afternoon/early evening with Akarundo trying to learn what they can from him. As it turns out he was once associated with the snakeman who had been attempting to raise an army. They had some kind of falling out though and are now enemies. Akarundo was very pleased to hear that the companions are also now enemies with this individual. By the end of the visit the two have agreed to become allies and will try to visit each other more in the future.


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