Serpent's Skull

Grappled By Mouth...Or...

Giving Tongue to a Wizard

With some trepidation, the companions decide to attend the bogarts’ feast/celebration party.

“Welcome!” the bogart king yells to the companions excitedly. Almost immediately the surrounding bogarts back away from the lake shore and the ground begins to rumble and shake. Sensing that they are about to become part of a very unwelcome surprise the companions turn to the face the lake, finding themselves face to face with a Froghemoth!


No longer feeling bad about slaying the bogarts’ supposed god figure the companions set to work doing what they do best…including getting Martigan grappled by the beast’s immense tongue. Just as the companions are about to finish the Froghemoth off though, Iss casts an illusion upon the bogarts making it seem as though their god has actually eaten the companions. The dull bogarts believe it and quickly leave the area, leaving the companions in peace to remove the slimy tongue and continue on their way unmolested. Before leaving the area though, Enid notices the very rare flower known as the Litheria Blossum; carefully harvesting the three blossums the companions then continue on their way.

During their explorations however, the companions stumble across a group of Jibbering Mouthers, something that Enid immediately points out as very odd. Not only are they in a group, but they are jibbering about a “Master.” Iss detects that they are being dominated and dispels it, one of the Mouthers immediately takes off into the jungle, the other three of course become aggressive, thus forcing the companions to handily slay them.

Enid manages to track the runaway Mouther to the northeast, eventually coming to a sheer cliff above a large deep pool. It is quite obvious that the Mouther slid down the cliff and into the water below. Obviously, the clear next step was to descend to the water below! An activity that is deemed best done the next morning.


The next morning all the companions attempt (and mostly successful) to scale down the cliff and into the water. Martigan even tries to perform a graceful swan dive…that ends up being a cannonball into the water. Enid believes the pool to be about 70 feet deep and all decide to send Iss down with a rope tied around him for safety. Descending into the depths Iss is soon well beyond 70 feet deep and is soon curious about the illusion he sees before him of a rock wall. Probing about the illusion, Iss is soon met by the immense abolith known as Yog’Oltha. The two begin a brief conversation underwater while the other companions relax on the surface above (Lul preening Enid’s dinosaur feathers whilst discussing cooking recipes).

“Who are you small creature?” Yog’Oltha asks rather intimidatingly. Iss proceeds to explain why the companions are in Savanth Yi and apologize for killing Yog’Oltha’s minions.

“All this is mine.” Yog’Oltha is not pleased by the companions explorations of Savanth Yi and tells Iss that the companions have roughly two weeks to leave before being destroyed. Iss respectfully leaves the abolith’s presence to report to companions. It is then decided that after strategizing extensively Yog’Oltha is in need of being slain, not only to protect themselves, but to also free Savanth Yi from “The Voice of the Swamp,” which they determined the abolith to be.

Casting “water breathing” and “touch of the sea” upon everyone the companions descend to kill the abolith, making surprisingly quick work of the foul creature.


Wanting the head at least taxidermied the companions concoct an elaborate plan of floating the body down the river. This of course takes several days, but in the end the prize is worth it! When the companions return to camp however, Shiven (Red Mantis leader) requests an audience with them in order to ask for their assistance in finding the rumored Red Mantis temple here in Savanth Yi and helping to locate the legendary Mantis Blade…



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