Serpent's Skull

Jungle Dangers
How About a Nice Cup O' Genocide?

After spending a few days relaxing and training at camp, Cecil remembers that he had seen some wreckage along the coastline near where the treasure had been found. Deciding there’s naught else for it, the group embarks back out onto the trail to investigate!

Blithely traveling along through the dense jungle the group is surprised by the sudden entrance of not just one, but six monkeys! Not even having a chance to decide if they are worth friendship (they attacked most quickly!) the group makes quick work of the despicable creatures, with Lul quite happily enjoying her new large supply of monkey jerky.


Reaching the coast and the shipwreck the companions become very excited upon realizing that the ship they have come upon is none other than the Brine Demon_! Locating the captain’s quarters fairly easily the companions immediately begin searching around for the missing paperwork. During their search it is noticed that the skeleton sitting at the desk is remarkably familiar…and is none other than the ghost captain they had seen earlier roaming the beaches and muttering to himself! Opening the coffer Cecil finds a few valuable items and quite the stack of paperwork and ledgers, some of which is the proof that Jask needs to clear his name. One of the other items is a locket, which is opened, all faces peering over to look at it curiously. The portrait within the locket is that of a red-haired woman, a woman that no one recognizes. Cecil pockets the locket and Martigan wonders aloud if the ghost captain may want the piece of jewelry.

Camping for the night along one of the beaches Cecil decides to call out to the ghost Captain, Captain Kinkarian. Before too much time has passed the rather cranky looking captain appears before the alchemist demanding to know who dare summon him. Showing the locket to the captain a sudden look of hope and longing comes over the ghost’s face and he immediately asks if they know where Aeshmara is. Deciding it best to not lie to the ghost, Cecil admits that he does not know who this Aeshmara is and offers the locket to the captain. Upon accepting the locket Captain Kinkarian suddenly appears happy and at peace and quietly disappears.


The next day the companions decide to make for camp, however they quickly notice that there appear to be several new snares along the trail as well as fresh tracks heading directly for the campsite. Picking up the pace the group makes their way quickly down the trail, with Martigan finding a few snares along the way. Luckily his friend Cecil is there to cut him down every time! Entering the camp the group is immediately met by Sasha who is most relieved to see them, and thrusts the severed head of a local savage in their midst with the idea of putting all the heads on pikes around the campsite. Not really caring one way or the other the companions allow her to have her way with the severed heads while they approach Jask with the happy news of having located and returned with the paperwork he so desperately needed.

The following morning the companions decide that there is naught for it, but to follow the tracks leading away from the campsite and put an end to these rampaging locals. The trail however is fraught with all kinds of danger as the group soon finds out as a musk zombie ambles out at them! Putting a quick end to the creature the group finds that they are actually standing in the remains of a very old campsite with old blood leading from it. Starting back out on the trail of tracks once more the companions soon find more snares…or at least Martigan finds them…again…and again…and again.

Before too long the companions come to a fork in the trail with fresh track leading off to the south. Deciding that that is the direction in which they should travel the companions begin down this new trail. Before too long they come upon an area that Iss insists is ideal for ambush. Analyzing the area some more the companions come up with a plan in which they disguise Iss and Cecil as the local savages they have observed before and let the two enter the gulch as the rest pretend to track the two. Soon a voice calls out from the top of the cliff, but unable to understand what was said Cecil simply repeats back what was heard while Iss pretends to look around for the voice. Deciding that their short lived farce is over, Iss signals to Martigan and the two stumble back to join the rest of the group; deciding to climb up the side of the gulch to where the voice was heard. With Cecil and Iss in the lead scouting and the rest of the group silently sneaking along behind, in the hopes of coming across the savages with some sort of element of surprise, the group eventually lose the tracks. Before too long though Enid rediscovers the tracks leading off to the southwest and the hunt begins once more!

Eventually the companions come across a series of knotted and tied vine ropes leading down a cliff. Curious, the companions descend to explore the area, soon however Enid enters a fit of rage as she looks out over a once magnificent bed of oysters now overharvested and abused! Climbing back up the vines the companions continue tracking the savages, feeling more and more hostile toward these locals as they continue on.


Soon Martigan is caught in yet another snare and while hanging upside down manages to see a village! Thinking this is most likely the location of the locals they have been tracking the companions approach cautiously, with Cecil creeping closer to eavesdrop after drinking a rather helpful potion. As it turns out the locals are actually cannibals and rather very much excited to catch and eat the companions! Deciding to send Martigan out as the spokesperson the companions sneak up to the entrance to the cannibal village. Martigan calls out, demanding to speak to their leader. Eventually the astonished villagers bring forth a very old woman who they appear to treat with both respect and outright fear. She does however speak common much to Martigan’s surprise and relief, although she wants him to do little else aside from “join them for dinner,” which obviously Martigan knows exactly what that will lead to.


Watching Martigan get more and more frustrated with the seemingly pointless conversation Cecil has had enough. At the exact same moment that both Iss and Enid have sickened and dazzled the old woman Cecil also launches a fire bomb at her, effectively rendering her the easy target for Martigan’s decapitation move. Watching the head of their supposed leader roll to one side the cannibals are of course rather scared at this point, allowing Martigan to easily intimidate them while Lul casts “spark” on one of the nearby buildings to start it on fire.

Battle against the cannibals begins!!

Into the Jungle!
Dino pets for everyone!

Having just consumed a most tasty meal of cooked crab the companions decide to camp out on the beach for the evening before making the final stretch of travel to the base camp. Nothing too much out of the ordinary seemed to occur initially…until a rather worn and cranky ship captain ghost wandered down their stretch of beach. The captain did not seem particularly interested or perturbed by the companions however and simply meandered down the beach seeming to mutter and curse to himself about mutineers. Storing it away as possibly useful information for a later date the companions continue to sleep through the evening on the beach with Iss and Martigan acting the guards.

Continuing to travel up the coastline the companions come across yet another giant crab, this time however, much to Lul’s chagrin, Iss intimidates it back into the ocean instead of killing it. A few moments later though the companions come across a most pleasant surprise! Five individuals of a seemingly smaller version of the dimorphodons that they had found earlier. Enid immediately begins to work at communicating with them and attempting to make them feel more positive toward the companions, all the while keeping a wary eye on the three dimorphodons circling everyone up above. Seeing some success with the first couple little creatures, Lul quickly snatches up some fish and tosses them out to Enid in hopes of being able to secure her own dinosaur pet. A few tense moments later though and Enid grins happily over at her companions. Now Lul, Cecil, and Iss all have a small winged dinosaur sitting lightly upon their shoulders as well as two other small creatures to give to two of their other companions back at camp. Enid however managed to inadvertently tame one of the larger dimorphodons.


Returning once more to camp it is decided that the remaining little dinos should be given to Aerys and Gelik. Enid has hope that the little creature will help with the woman’s confidence issues…and everyone else hopes that the one given to Gelik will at least make him a slightly more amiable companion…a hope that appears to be rather in vain. The small man does however leak to the companions that if they were to find an old Pathfinder Society ship it may end up being to everyone’s best interests.

Heading back out into the jungle to do some exploring the group hasn’t gone more than 100 feet it seems when a swarm of spiders unceremoniously drops down onto Lul’s unsuspecting head. Becoming almost instantly poisoned and distracted the half-orc begins flailing about in an attempt to get the spiders off her as quickly as possible. Thinking of no better alternative Cecil whips out a firebomb from his pack and without a second thought hurls it at her…lucky for everyone involved, Lul has the reflexes of a cat and dodges the dangerous bomb. The group is now supplied with a healthy stock of “spider chips,” much to Lul’s delight.

With that being the most exciting part of this particular jungle exploration, the group once again returns to camp (after finding a most un-interesting shipwreck) and manages to convince everyone (eventually) that camp should be moved to a more central location in order to facilitate with further explorations. Just as the group starts to set up their new camp however, Iss notices a rather primitive looking humanoid watching from the depths of the jungle. Hoping to perhaps intimidate the individual, Iss immediately casts the spell “ghost spell,” which has absolutely no affect on the humanoid. Attempting to sneak away, a few of the companions have to stifle laughter as the man trips and falls on his face. Cecil calls out a warm welcome, but the man hurriedly stands back up and dashes out into the surrounding vegetation.


Deciding that this is still as good a spot as any the group begins setting up camp, during this time someone notices that there seems to be a remarkable clearing within the jungle at the base of a cliff. With this as their next exploration destination the companions set out the next morning full of excitement. With not much else to talk about during the hike through the jungle vegetation Lul suddenly recalls the rather strange dream she had, one in which it was made clear to her that the captain and “snake lady” drank some kind of potion before Lul’s head met whatever blunt object it had. Continuing to move forward to the clearing the companions silently file this new bit of information away.

Reaching the clearing finally, Enid is disgusted to find that there is a Yellow Musk Creeper growing! Thinking that worst of their problems (for musk creepers are terrible things!) the companions are somewhat surprised when six yellow musk zombies come stumbling out of the surrounding trees. A quick and thankfully smooth battle ensues in which the companions are able to eradicate one more vile creature from the world! Once they no longer have the creeper and zombies to deal with the companions are able to really look around at their surroundings and soon realize that they are standing in the remains of a very old campsite, which in Enid’s mind makes sense since preying on the dead and vulnerable is how the musk creeper works. It is during this short interlude that Cecil removes Ishiarou’s treasure map from his pocket and nearly squeals in delight when he realizes that the terrain they are currently standing in very much resembles that depicted on the treasure map! The companions just naturally assume that there is no path leading off to the southeast and the treasure, they all just begin bushwacking through the heavy vegetation. They can only get so far through the dense undergrowth however before they are forced to make camp for the night. With Iss taking watch the companions all wearily turn in for the night. Everything remains calm and peaceful through the clear night, but the morning Iss informs everyone that during the night he was constantly feeling as though someone were watching them from one of the larger trees next to them. Lul immediately chimes in that she had a strange dream in which there was someone watching her from the nook in that very same tree. Searching about a little both Iss and Enid are able to find small drops of blood on the ground as well as indentations in the ground where someone might have stood. Meanwhile Cecil locates a trail almost directly next to the companions that they could have been traveling on this whole time…


Deciding they might as well take the trail from now on since its rather conveniently there, the companions begin walking down it with not a care in the world. That is until Martigan is suddenly swinging in the air from one foot! Cecil leaps forward to cut him…for a price of course (there was a reference to Spiderman and I shall leave it at that, perhaps in the histories you can find an appendix on it). Not wanting to let on that he didn’t even notice the snare which caught him, Martigan insists that he had a better viewing vantage point from the air. Moments later all is forgotten however when the companions come across a sizable pit. No sooner had they begun to investigate the pit, then they are attacked by a swarm of bats! Hoping that Martigan’s armor is enough to protect him from the onslaught Cecil lobs a firebomb at both man and beast Lucky for everyone (once again), the human is safe and the swarm destroyed. Fried bat crisps for everyone!

Dawn finds the companions digging within the pit as the sun begins its rise. Soon enough they uncover a large wooden disc as well as a skeleton. Just by looking at the skeleton its obvious that the humanoid was actually a dwarf…a dwarf that by the looks of the long slash in the back of his leather armor was backstabbed. Finding nothing else of interest they return to digging out around the platform. Finding no catch or hook with which to pry it open Martigan begins to smash at the platform with his body and spear (but not before Cecil ties a rope around him). A few seconds later the platform gives way and Martigan goes falling through the hole with Iss and Enid digging in their heels and keeping ahold of the rope. After some hasty discussing Cecil decides that he will stay up top with the rope while everyone else descends down into the watery pit. Iss arriving first on the scene immediately dives down to see what he can find…what he finds however is not treasure, but two humanoids. Martigan quickly stuns and kills one, while the other one is pinned for questioning. All they can manage to get from the creature however is that he was somehow double-crossed and that the dwarf was not their boss, but did build the pit to protect the treasure…his boss was Captain Quelleg.


The ghoulish creature does however let on that he knows where the treasure is…and for a price he will show them. Bribing him with meat Iss promising to let the him free in exchange for the treasure, a deal that Martigan is quite unhappy with, but a deal is a deal. Following the creature under the water and through a U-shaped underwater tunnel, Iss and the creature explode out in open air and a ledge which contains a finely worked chest. Returning with it to the rest of the companions, the ghoul-like creature is brought up to the surface and pointed in the direction of the rotting zombies with instructions to not attack the companions or their fellows. The creature scampers off into the jungle, leaving the group unsure of whether he heard or understood their last words. Deciding that the treasure was actually Ishiarou’s the group returns to camp with it, but with no way of opening it. Feeling that they will most likely never find the key Iss and Cecil join forces and are able to eventually demolish the chest itself. Finding within it several hundred gold coins as well as a masterwork dagger and a very nice darkwood buckler, the companions split the gold coins with Ishiarou and take the rest for themselves.

That is not all there is to this island however! There is still much to explore, as well as finding a way off it and back to civilization!


Making Friends
To Catch a Dinosaur!

Entering the campsite Enid notices that Aerys is sitting alone to one side and seemingly shaking. Concerned for her well-being Enid approaches Aerys to make sure the woman is alright. Sensing her approach Aerys looks up at the druid:

“I-I need a drink…” Aerys can barely manage to get the words out through clenched teeth as the muscles of her body continuously tremble.

Knowing what “drink” Aerys requires Enid returns to the main group of companions and explains that Aerys appears to be an alcoholic going through withdrawl symptoms. Not wanting to further support the woman’s addiction problem, but not having the necessary means of weaning her off it either Enid and Iss return to Aerys with the very last bottle of brandy. Ensuring that Aerys is aware that this is truly the last bottle that the shipwrecked group has they hand over the bottle, all the while Enid attempts to counsel the woman on how alcohol is not the way to forget the harshness of the world. Enid too knows how it feels to be singled out and discriminated against, whether its a woman in a world of men or a human in a world of elves, the feeling of alone is all the same.


Eventually Enid is able to convince Aerys to give up the bottle and stop trying to drown her anguish and frustration in the drink. Realizing that a miraculous berry is present on the island that can immediately get Aerys to quit the addiction Enid agrees to locate the berries and bring them back.

Meanwhile Iss tries in vain to befriend the small, but rather sour Gelik. Gelik being the rude and obstinate little man that he is immediately questions Iss about his wearing a cloak always even though the daytime sun is rather unpleasantly warm. Iss, ever quick to answer merely states that he is not all that attractive to look upon, to which Gelik can only laugh and quip:

“You mean make babies cry?” and continues laughing to himself. Lul decides to join the conversation as well, certain that she can win the little man over. Gelik takes one look at the half-orc however and guffaws right in her face! Lul immediately comes to the conclusion that the little man is most definitely not worth her time and moves on to visit with Sasha, one of the other shipwrecked passengers. The two immediately hit it off comparing battle wounds and horrific childhood tales, consistently trying to one up the other. It finally gets to the point where Sasha pulls down part of her shirt to reveal a large tattoo that Enid (from across the campsite) quickly identifies as a praying mantis leg, Aerys is even quicker to identify it as the symbol belonging to the Red Mantis Assassins.


In a different part of camp Cecil begins to ask Ishiarou what his “story” is. During the ensuing conversation Cecil notices that Ishiarou may not actually be as old as he appears…perhaps the man has had a rough life? Desiring to gain the trust of the older man Cecil hands him the model of a ship that the companions had managed to locate among the wreckage dragged ashore. Martigan joins the two and quietly asks if Ishiarou will join him in acting as guards for the campsite. Ishiarou immediately agrees and then secretively tells the two men that he has a treasure map. Cecil of course immediately jumps up and announces loudly to the entire rest of the camp that Ishiarou has a treasure map. Feeling his duties to the group not quite done Cecil moves over to Gelik and attempts to befriend the now rather very disgruntled small man. Seating himself lower than Gelik (so as to make the small man not feel quite so small) Cecil entreats and then watches Gelik perform his craft, that of story-telling and barding. After a rather enjoyable if not silly story, in which eventually the entire camp came over to listen to, and Cecil promptly and expertly brown-noses Gelik.

Suddenly it begins downpouring rain and the group quickly moves into the shelters that they had managed to erect. Pulling the Captain’s Log from her pack Enid begins to read it aloud to everyone. Soon Lul recognizes that the description of the Captain’s lady friend matches that of the “snake lady” she had seen before being hit on the head. Eventually the rain stops and the group finalizes the campsite as well as doling out responsibilities:

Medic: Jask and Cecil
Hunter: Sasha and Enid
Entertainer: Aerys and Gelik
Defender: Lul and Ishiarou
Guard: Martigan and Iss

Feeling as though the camp is as well done as it will ever be the companions decide to head off into the jungle to explore. Almost immediately they come across a dimorphodon nest, what luck! Realizing that they can’t safely ascend the cliff upon which the nest is located the companions decide their best option is to antagonize the dimorphodons into coming to them. Angering one into coming closer Iss immediately casts color spray at it, effectively stunning it. Crashing to the ground the rest of the group is able to successfully truss up the creature, allowing Enid to use her innate wild empathy skill to make the dimorphodon feel at least a bit calmer with the situation. Between the two of them Enid and Lul manage to place a sack over the small dinosaurs head before returning to camp with it.


On the journey back to camp Martigan begins to notice that the heat of the surrounding jungle appears to be increasing exponentially…especially what with carrying a dinosaur through the undergrowth. Cecil sways a little bit, feeling woozy in the humid midday air, letting her eyes rove over the other companions to ensure that no one else is feeling ill Enid finds it rather odd that Iss is not only showing no signs of distress, but is continuing to journey through the jungle still clothed in his heavy cloak…and has consumed no water…

Entering camp Sasha immediately runs up to the companions, ecstatic at the sight of the dimorphodon in Martigan’s arms. Deciding that the ranger can deal with containing and training the creature on her own the companions again embark to the east in search of either terrain that matches that of the treasure map or the Viper Nettle berries so desperately needed by Aerys. Heading rather blithely east the companions are surprised when they come across a few venemous black mambas!


Iss immediately throws a rock at the threatening snakes while Martigan jumps to the group’s defense, effectively removing the heads from the snakes’ bodies. Stopping Lul in her excitement to get food and venom, Enid quickly and efficiently gathers both for the still rather mysterious half-orc. Continuing on their way the companions are disappointed in still not being able to locate any of the Viper Nettle berries, but do notice that the surrounding terrain is starting to match that of the treasure map slightly. Coming out on some cliffs, Enid soon notices that there are footprints and the remnants of a campfire and shelter. Quickly securing a length of rope to a nearby tree the group descends to the beachside to investigate. Cecil immediately locates the captain’s hat and begins jauntily striding about while Lul examines some scarves tossed to one side, recognizing them as belonging to that of the “snake lady.” Ceasing his cavorting momentarily Cecil examines the tracks and determines that they lead off to the southwest, but then seem to disappear into the jungle. Deciding that the abandoned campsite would serve well enough for the night the companions hunker down and watch the rolling ocean waves as the sun sets. As soon as the sky darkens however a strange phenomenon occurs within the water.


Cecil is the first to notice the water beginning to glow with the eerie and yet beautiful bioluminescence. Enid believes it to be the result of phosphorescent algae, but before more discussion can be made on the incredible sight Iss sees a serenely floating humanoid beckoning to the group. Iss immediately tosses a rock out at the figure, which subsequently shimmers and disappears. Not wanting to talk about the rather strange occurance the companions roll over to sleep with Martigan and Iss taking the responsibilities of watch. The only sound aside from the softly singing cicadas is that of enormous flapping wings heard overhead and disappearing into the blackness of the night.

The next day the sun dawns bright and new, bringing with it the illness of “mindfire” to Martigan. Deciding that the best course of action is to continue on the group decides to follow the coast for awhile, but can’t seem to get over leaving the rope behind. Cecil hastily climbs up the rope and safely lowers Enid’s companion “Two Socks” down to the group before turning to come back down himself with the rope somehow. Cecil however barely steps off the cliff before falling straight to the ground and being struck unconscious. The only comment to be had is by Iss as Enid hastily begins to heal the poor alchemist.

“I told you we should have just left the rope…”

Enid eventually notices that the fighter is ill during the second day of his ailment, most obvious now as Martigan appears to be unable to speak coherently. Deciding that there’s nothing to be had for the mental state of Martigan and with Cecil back on his feet the companions once again set out along the coastline. Before too long a shipwreck is seen!


One glance is all it takes for the companions to see that the deck of the shipwreck is crawling with animated skeletons! Thankfully however the skeletons are no match for the companions and within mere moments are rendered piles of dust. Excited to explore the ship for treasure the companions gleefully jump aboard begin searching…and quickly become disappointed with finding absolutely nothing.

Returning to where they had last seen the footprints the companions begin to attempt follow them into the jungle. Before too long however they come upon a rather impassable wall of nettles…nettles that Enid instantly becomes excited over since they are none other than the Viper Nettles that they had been searching for! Her excitement is soon dashed however when she remembers that the spines on the nettle plant are extremely poisonous. Just as they are about to come up with a rather stupid and dangerous plan however, Iss steps forward and requests individual interviews with everyone. Deciding that everyone is trustworthy Iss divulges his secret…he is in fact a small wooden man! Unable to be poisoned or diseased or afflicted with any of the other ailments man is prone to Iss boldly steps into the growth of nettles and retrieves as many of the valuable berries as he possibly can.

Having gathered what they set out to find the companions decide it might be adventagous to return to camp with the berries before Aerys enters into another state of withdrawl. Taking a different path back up a coastline the companions happen upon a giant crab! Overly excited at the prospect of more food Lul immediately takes on the stance and facial expression of screaming at the creature…a scream which no one but the crab seems to have heard…

Oh, and Martigan regains his brains!


All Aboard!
And So It Begins...

Our companions’ journey begins normal enough…none of the members necessarily aware that they will become a band of adventurers, if not friends, in the days, months, and years to come.

It was a bright and clear day when three strangers boarded the Jenivere in the city of Cheliax. One an armored man of few words, another robed man with a more open face, and finally a young woman clothed in brown and green with an adolescent axe-beak in tow. With the other passengers of the ship not exactly offering up conversation or camaraderie the three unknowingly band together and soon get to know one another somewhat as the voyage gets underway.

A few days out to sea and on a clear night events on the ship known as Jenivere took a turn for the worst. All the passengers aboard the ship entered the mess room as normal, grudgingly accepting their bowl of watery, anemic soup served up by the cook, and sat down on the worn benches to eat. All were used to the sight of one of the sailors leaving the room with a portion of the night’s meal rationed out for the prisoner Jask, but still all eyes seemed to linger on and follow the sailor as he left the room, the door abruptly closing out the nighttime smell of the sea. This was the last that any of Jenivere’s known passengers remember of that eventful night.

Awakened by blinding sunlight and coarse sand choking his throat and nose, Martigan the dragoon finds himself somewhat in the middle of an unusual situation, or at least unusual in the sense that he last thought he was safe on board a ship out to sea. Feeling a sharp pinch to his right arm Martigan instinctively punches out and into a disturbingly large crab-like creature, noticing at the same time that a stranger is sitting next to him enveloped in a tattered robe and seemingly screaming with no sound emitting from her mouth. Martigan slowly rises at the same time as the new stranger, a look of quizzical curiosity coming across his face as he notices the stranger has a green tinge to her skin, thus further cementing in his mind that he had not seen this woman on board the Jenivere. At this same moment Enid the druid finds that a crab-like creature of her own is also pinching and pulling at her arm. Without wasting a moment to even think about it she quickly swats the creature away and stand up to survey the situation. Laying in various positions around her are the other passengers of the Jenivere, all save one, the scholarly woman, and with a new addition, a green-skinned woman wearing robes. Having little time to let her suspicions grow concerning the passengers, Enid turns to see what exactly it was that pinched her awake. Relaxing slightly she is relieved to find that the creatures are actually Eurypterids, well known vermin of the sea that act as scavengers.


With Cecil now fully awake and moving as well the three companions (Cecil, Martigan, and Enid) all reach the pile of gear laying at the far end of the still prone bodies of the other passengers. Upon reaching the pile however, the three travelers are somewhat taken aback when they see that someone else is already at the pile and rifling through it rather hurriedly. Before anyone can question the stranger though the encroaching eurypterids make their move! Between the four of them the group is able to easily cut down the three smaller creatures(due in no small part to the heroics of Martigan![edited by Martigan]), leaving just the larger specimen to be dealt with. Moving to within striking distance Cecil raises his weapon and is about to land a blow when yet another stranger seemingly appears from nowhere and fells the beast with an impressive bolt of light shot from his hands! With the vermin now dealt with the strangely small and cloaked stranger moves to the now slowly rising other passengers of the ship ensuring that they are alive and mostly well, once content with the state of the other passengers he turns back to the four standing behind him and introduces himself as well as explaining how he came to find them.

“My name is Iss, I was camped out not far from here last night when a resounding crash drew my attention. I came out onto the beach in time to see a figure, the 1st mate of your vessel, dragging bodies up to the shore. I was able to question the 1st mate about how it came to be that your vessel had crashed upon the rocks. In the brief amount time we were able to talk he informed me that himself and the Captain had come to some sort of disagreement that then turned into a struggle culminating with the wreckage.”

Throughout all of Iss’ explanation Enid could not help but watch the other stranger suspiciously as she continued to rummage around in the pile of gear. Finally no longer content with the stranger’s apparent lack of words Enid bluntly asks for her name. Caught somewhat by surprise the stranger begrudgingly states that her name is “Lul Agon-Ob, or just Lul.” Silence grows between Enid and Lul as the two simply watch one another untrustingly. Deciding that there really isn’t much for it, but to accept the recent additions to the group, Cecil and Martigan move into the remaining passengers of the vessel, stopping in front of the prisoner who still surprisingly has his manacles on.


Cecil immediately moves to break the man’s bonds, but Martigan holds out a hand and suggests that learning a bit more about why this man is in shackles would be wise. Nodding in agreement everyone gathered awaits patiently to hear Jask’s tale. In short order Jask explains he was once employed by the Sargavan government, but when he uncovered corruption involving illicit deals with the Free Captains of the Shackles, and confronted his superior he was betrayed and framed and subsequently faced with imprisonment.

Watching and listening to the man carefully the companions decide that his story is believable and decide to try to remove the man’s bonds. Unfortunately they are crafted from mithril and much beyond the scope of the companions’ current ability to break. Jask does remember however that the key was kept in the Captain’s quarters on the ship; deciding that if luck is indeed in their favor they could very well find the key in the Captain’s quarters the companions decide to set out for the wreckage of the ship. Iss insists that everyone come and start making themselves at home at his small campsite before leaving for the ship though.

Upon reaching the small man’s campsite Enid is a little surprised to see very few signs of actual habitation. Instead there are only small indents in the vegetation where the man must have sat or laid…and nothing else aside from his meager belongings. Looking at her fellow companions she is relieved to notice that she is not the only one to have taken notice of this small detail. Not wanting to interrogate the man quite yet, Cecil, Martigan, Enid, and Lul all follow Iss out of the campsite and toward the ship, leaving the other passengers to set up camp. As they make their way down the beach most of the companions can’t help but notice that the weather is getting exceptionally hot and humid. Martigan however continues to trudge on refusing to give in to the heat while Iss remains completely and fully cloaked. Enid adds this suspicious behavior to her list of others forming up in her head, most especially since even Lul had since removed her hooded cloak, her shining green skin glaringly out in the open now. Slipping and sliding out across the rocks (a rather embarrassing venture for both Martigan and Lul) the companions finally find themselves at the ship wreckage. The companions enter the remains of the ship, pausing briefly to glance at one another as a horrendous crashing and clacking noise rises from the bowels of the ship.


“There is most likely a very large eurypterid down there…” Iss states quietly to everyone. Deciding to take their chances the companions begin to explore further into the ship wreckage.

Entering the Captain’s quarters all that can initially be discerned are some useful supplies and a desk. Searching through the desk the companions find several keys and the Captain’s Log which Enid pockets for later reading. Cecil finds one last drawer locked and after a small amount of effort and time is able to open the drawer, finding a variety of potions and a rather curious key that could very well be for Jask’s manacles. Before leaving for another room however, the companions locate what appears to be Jask’s gear piled in one corner. Deciding to pack that up as well the companions head into the next available room.

This room proves to have been the larder of the ship, and while initially only taking in the provisions present in the room the companions are aghast to see the dead body of the cook lying on the floor in a pool of blood. Looking a little closer Enid points out that there is a large snake bite wound on the man. Looking around Lul nervously offers up that she thinks she might know who or what did this. The night of the wreck and the Captain’s fight with the 1st mate she thinks that she saw a snake woman moving about the quarters, but that it could have been a trick of the light. Iss offers up that there is in fact a race of serpent people native to this area and that they are poisonous and master of disguise. A little bit more on edge the group moves into the next and last room available for exploration, the supply room.

This room has blood all over the floor, and Iss explains that this is where he an the 1st mate holed themselves up against the eurypterid. With nothing much else in the room of interest the companions gather up various supplies necessary to make-up camp and then head back out to Iss’ campsite. Making their way across the beach they notice that it is even hotter out than before, as if that were possible. All the companions are unhooded and uncloaked save for Iss, which both Enid and Lul note as an oddity.

Finally reaching the campsite Cecil immediately unlocks Jask’s manacles and returns his gear to him, much to the gratitude of the cleric. After much thanking Jask mentions that one of the incriminating papers he had found indicated that one of his superior’s contacts in the Shackles was a man known as Avret Kinkarian and that the man’s ship the “Brine Demon” was reputedly wrecked on Smuggler’s Shiv. Knowing its a long shot Jask requests that the companions keep an eye out for the ship in hopes of tracking down more information. Ensuring him that they will definitely keep it on the radar the companions bend to the task of finishing up camp.


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