Serpent's Skull

My Soul is Empty, I Must Fill it With Snacks


First, the author of this adventure log would like to list all of the possible, amazing, tear-causing subtitles for this particular entry:

Cecil pees on guard without taking pants off

Lul knocked out by cow piss

She makes sandwitches

Beardo, green goo in head

Cecil stabs him in the thigh (signature move)

Bites cyanide tooth and dies

It has been written, therefore it happened…and now for the continuation of the adventure!

The companions progress downstairs into the laboratory, except Lul who goes upstairs alone. Iss and Enid immediately happen upon a box with a somewhat magical aura, but find it sadly locked. Cecil however, is the man for the job and quickly manages to unlock the box in record breaking time. Fully aware of what happens potentially when magical boxes are unlocked and then opened…Iss opens the box…and DIES!!! Lul hears the despaired wailing of her companions from below and goes rushing downstairs into the laboratory, only to see Martigan, Cecil, and Enid the large dinosaur seated around a pile of ash. As Enid begins to carefully sweep the remains of Iss into a water-proof pouch, Cecil, in grief-filled denial, begins to burn a random log approximately the same size of Iss in hopes that his friend maybe got sent to another plane of existence instead of snuffed out. The experiment however does little to prove anything aside from the fact that there are now two piles of wood ash.


Lul manages to find a scroll of “heal” and both her and Enid manage to persuade the companions to use it on the blonde woman still under the “Feeble Mind” spell. Begrudgingly Martigan and Cecil agree and soon consciousness returns to the stranger’s eyes. As it turns out her name is Arasae, and she is originally from the Pathfinder Society (same as the companions!). Her master happened upon a “sleeping” city during an exploration, but the Society ended up ostracizing him instead of allowing further exploration and discovery of the mystery city. It was during this time that they managed to find yet another slumbering city, but this one appeared to be awakening all on its own. She managed to find a portal whilst fleeing from undead serpentfolk, but not before she was hit with the “Feeble Mind” spell. After that Arasae can’t remember too many details, but she is sure that the portal she came through must be nearby.

After hearing this tale, the companions decide it is probably wisest to return to the main camp and allow Ara to speak with Gellik; they also decide to send a contingent of other people along with Akarundo to help him. Not an hour after returning to camp however, much thrashing and crashing is heard from the nearby jungle. Two individuals come out from the surrounding foliage, one a woman, the other a Mwangi scout. The companions move to help them, or at least question them, but only manage to get their names, Carlin and Mufassa, before the firing of arrows from the jungle starts and the companions must fight back!

Soon the two new arrivals are able to tell the companions that the leader of the Aspis Consortium has been slain by a group of men led by a man with one eye and a black beard.


Having interrogated one of the captured archers from the jungle the companions are able to get minimal information from him before Cecil stabs him in the thigh and he bites down on a cyanide tooth and dies. Shrugging to themselves the companions head out for “Beardo’s” camp and the killing begins! Before too long the enemy camp has been cleaned…with the red blood and green brain goo of bad guys.



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