Serpent's Skull

In Search of the Portal

Paranoia and Death

We last left the companions with the decision of what to do about the prisoners present in the Asper Consortium camp. In the end, after much debate, the prisoners were taken back to the main camp and given over to Sir Didamus to put through questioning and trial before being allowed free to leave or join the camp. All of course overseen by the higher ups within the Pathfinder Society. The green goo that had been placed in several vials was given over to the alchemists present in camp for further research while the companions left for the portal that had brought Ara through.

The companions soon find themselves before two large doors that the time has weathered away. One is slightly ajar however, seemingly beckoning the companions to enter its ancient halls. The companions enter and find themselves in a room with the signs of recent habitation, Enid is convinced that the fire pit in the room was only just put out mere moments ago. As the druid turns to inform her friends of this, the crash of a stone statue echoes throughout the room, very nearly decimating Ara, Lul, Two-Socks, and Enid herself! Looking up at the doorframe the companions are not terribly surprised to see two humanoid figures atop it, clearly the ones who dropped the statue and clearly in need of being killed.


Enid is fairly convinced that these were scouts, probably stationed at the door to stop any intruders. Cecil wanders over to inspect the walls of the room and finds them to be covered in a black residue; before long both he and Martigan (who joined him at the wall) begin to act slightly “funny,” but not quite different enough for the others to grow overly concerned. Cecil eventually identifies the black residue as “Midnight Spores,” and while he can remember several other reactions to these spores he doesn’t remember paranoia as one…the other companions begin to wonder a bit though as both Cecil and Martigan begin to look suspiciously at just about everything. Deciding it best to wrap cloths around their faces the friends do so, except for Martigan who feels its unsafe.

Continuing on, the companions soon find themselves within a room containing a statue wearing archaic armor and an ornate helm, with doors at the opposite end. The companions immediately notice footprints leading from the doors out of the room and assume that it must of have been Ara leaving the area. The companions walk across the room and push on the doors as though to leave…as they do so the stone statue comes to life and attacks them! Kill it!


Entering the “protected” room, the companions are surprised to see not only several murals on the walls, but also crystalline veins running through the walls and apparently sensitive to electrical currents. Each mural seems to describe a different part of Savanth Yi’s past. There are also different vault entrances, one of which seems to lead to the Oni that the companions had destroyed. Tiny crystal shards are found on the ground outside the one that seems to be hinting that that was the one that Ara came through. The companions become especially interested in the next mural they approach though, one depicting all the different spears of the city. After some close examination Cecil determines that the mural may be trapped! He moves to disarm the trap, and instead sets it off…the spell “firestorm” envelopes the room. When the smoke and heat clear the companions turn to find the druid Enid, nothing more than charred remains. Two-Socks very nearly goes into a wild frenzy of despair and anger before Ara can manage to cast a spell pulling Enid’s essence back from the nether and reforming on this plane of existence. Everyone exhausted from the ordeal, Ara teleports the whole group to the nearest major city where everyone can heal, shop, and rest.


It is at this point that the paranoia of Cecil and Martigan are very nearly comical. Both refuse the healing touch of a cleric (embarrassingly so) and Lul is forced to place both in a slumber in order for the healing to be allowed. With everyone finally well again the group returns to camp and then sets back out for the Ketchs’ place of residence. The group narrowly avoids coming into contact with the midnight spores once again, but continues on down a different pathway. Before too long they come across a room that absolutely reeks of death, within is a winged creature, slumped and dead against the wall. Enid believes it to be a sabosan and thinks the keches probably killed it with arrows; its not surprising to find such a creature here however.

Continuing on the companions soon find themselves in a room containing hides and dried plants, clearly not the lair of anything, but before anymore information can be gleaned the group is attacked by ketches! Laying waste to these rather rude individuals the companions enter the next room which appears to be some sort of guard room only to be attacked by another group of sabosans!



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