Serpent's Skull


The Sloshy Hole

The battle against the cannibals rages on!

The companions regroup briefly after having slain at least ten of the heathens and sending another ten fleeing in various directions and buildings. During this time Iss sneaks up to the nearest building (the very one that Lul started on fire) and peeks through the doorway, unsurprised to find at least seven cannibals milling about inside. Preparing to cast the spell “Color Spray,” Iss also signals for Martigan and Cecil to ready themselves, sadly the cannibals within the building hear the two adventurers approaching. Upon realizing this, Martigan immediately shouts for the cannibals to drop their weapons, words they of course do not understand in the least. Seeing this, Cecil lobs a firebomb into the building, causing immediate damage and confusion amongst the cannibals. One cannibal in particular though steps forward to answer Martigan, a rather unique looking individual with fiery red hair.


This lead cannibal attacks Martigan in a rage, screaming in the man’s face before smearing some Martigan’s own blood on his face in some kind of primordial ritual.
“I accept your challenge.” the only words that Martigan deems necessary as he raises his weapon and pulverizes the cannibal challenger.

Meanwhile another group of cannibals comes up on the group from behind, which Enid bravely engages with Iss acting as her backup and support. Managing to knock one of the cannibals to the ground, Lul swoops in to make a showy coup ’de grae, something that she botches horribly and instead ends up slowly squishing the cannibals face into the ground until he dies.

Having now caught the guard tower on fire as well (which was connected to the main building), Martigan is left with little else to do besides repeatedly poke his javelin up the rickety ladder in an attempt to skewer the remaining two cannibals inside. Finally managing to kill those cannibals inside the burning building, Martigan and Cecil sprint back outside in time to watch Iss messily cout ’de grae a cannibal with a club, while Enid and another cannibal seemingly attempt to teach each other how to dance. After a few more moments however the companions finally manage to slay the last of the cannibals and find themselves free to explore the rest of the village and surrounding area.

Looking around the village it is clear that there are really just two spots of interest, a rather large pit with vine ropes leading down into the darkness, and an unfinished lighthouse. The companions decide to explore the lighthouse first and within moments Martigan realizes that the stonework is truely ancient, having been started before even Earthfall! Taking a look around inside it is very clear that one of the rooms was hastily made into a guestroom…a guestroom which suspicously contains several rations from their own ship…Finding little else of interest however, aside from a map, the companions decide to rest up at the lighthouse before descending into the pit.


A couple days later the companions nervously descend down into the pit. It is dark, but after Iss casts “Light” on Martigan’s spear the going isn’t quite so bad. Following a tunnel further into the depths no one is really all that surprised when Lul points out two humanoid shapes just ahead. The humanoids are obviously hostile, but Martigan makes quick work of dispatching them, as well as quick work of dispatching all the contents of his stomach rather projectile-like onto the dead bodies before him. Deciding it best to simply pretend that bit never happened the companions move onto to a cavern containing a pool of dark water at the far end. Casting “Light” on a small rock, Iss takes less than careful aim and throws it into the water. The companions all involuntarily jump as a loud shriek echoes out across the chamber. Looking as carefully and throughly as they can the companions fail to find the source of the shriek and so continue on into a cavern with rather noisily sloshing water.

Ready to meet the companions in this room are a few ghoul-like creatures. Cecil attempts to converse with the creatures and almost seems to have gained their trust as they become quite exciting to show us to “Mother.” While Cecil is conversing however, Iss is attempting to get the ghouls to all gather around a shiny rock he placed on the ground. Only about half trust him enough to approach, and with good reason since Cecil handily launches a firebomb into their midst. The ghouls left out of the bomb merely look at the companions and mutter:
“Mother’s coming, its too late, you should have followed us!” and from the sloshy hole emerges none other than “Mother.”


Mother is of course upset at the treatment of her “children,” but is willing to converse some with Cecil and Lul in regards to the “serpent lady” who entered the caverns to pay homage to Ydersius as well as the man companion she brought with her to experience the miracle of “unbirth” (a phenomenon which Lul seems greatly interested in). Finally growing weary of talking to the rather unattractive creature, Cecil claims to have a gift for her, one that is rather fiery in nature. Unfortunately, Mother sees his firebomb in time and casts “Darkness” on herself, plunging everyone in the room into unseeing darkness (lucky for Lul though she can see). A very long and painful battle ensues, one in which both Lul and Cecil manage to contract “ghoul fever,” Enid become paralyzed, and Martigan is sickened until the very last blow of the fight. Luckily for the companions though they are able to keep it together to the very end and manage to put an end to Mother and her “children.” Too fatigued and injured to go back up to the surface immediately the companions remain in the caverns to explore further once they have regained some of their strength…


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