Serpent's Skull

Angry Teapot, "Hello the Hut!"

And One Near Death Experience for an Axebeak

Deciding to stick around the village and help cure as many people of the terrible disease as they can, Enid and Lul manage to each cure about 7 individuals…before they wisely send to their own camp for a few trained clerics and set off to kill the vile creature spreading this plague!

The companions head out the next morning in search of this vampiric creature, seemingly haphazardly exploring the “Boggard” area. Eventually they stumble upon an abandoned, vine covered guard tower, from which a hulking and vaguely humanoid figure comes out from the shadows. With their combined knowledge Iss and Enid immediately identify this creature as a Vyrkolakas and most likely their intended target for destruction. The creature has a nasty aura surrounding it that the companions would do well to avoid…


The battle was oddly quick, but before the creature fully went into oblivion it managed to possess the loyal animal companion of Enid, Two Socks. Seeing what was going on, Enid immediately tackled Two Socks to the ground while Iss paralyzed and incapacitated the afflicted Axebeak. Not knowing what else to do the companions dragged the restrained companion back to camp in hopes of a more powerful cleric being present to assist them.

Luck was with the companions though and there was such a cleric present within camp. With Two Socks on the mend the companions turned their attentions to interesting event that had transpired during their absence…

Sir Didamus had approached Martigan immediately, requesting their presence at the camps prison area. Curiousity piqued the companions followed Sir Didamus, not entirely sure what they would find. Much to Lul and Enid’s surprise they were met with a most hearty and friendly outcry as Sasha excitedly approached them from the prison area. The young woman, member of the Red Mantis Assassins, was overjoyed at being reunited with her friends, and Lul and Enid were both equally pleased to see her! Although, Enid did have to return to her humanoid form in order for Sasha to recognize her, this of course in turn excited Sasha to no end.

Cecil however remained very cold and cynical about the whole reunion, demanding to know why these 8 member of the Red Mantis group were present in their camp. It was at this point that the leader, Shivain, stepped forward, and after a dirty look at Cecil began telling their woeful tale. The Red Mantis camp had first been set upon by Monkeyman raiders, the damage and casualities so great that the camp never fully recovered from the ordeal. It was soon after this that the Asper Concortium attacked them, destroying what was left of the camp (followed by an attack by some chimearas and basilisks). The remaining Red Mantis Assassins then decided to come to the companions camp and seek refuge and assistance with their quest for revenge! Feeling sorry for the poor group the companions agree to allow them to assimilate into their camp and help them with their quest for revenge when the time is ripe.

During this down time Shivain and Sasha further question some of the companions as to whether they have potentially come across a temple to the Red Mantis, for they are searching for this and a relic of the Red Mantis Assassins. None of the companions have seen such things however, but promise to keep on the lookout. Meanwhile, Cecil has found himself a grumpy old wizard who in exchange for reading his spellbook requires that Cecil bring him the tongue of a Froghemoth. Quest time!


Setting out once more to further explore the Boggart swamp the companions are now on the lookout for a Froghemoth. It is during this exploration that Enid notices across one of the rivers a building with a vine covered doorway, complete with a Kech standing guard in the vines. Mentally marking the area for further exploration later the companions continue on. Eventually the companions find an island which contains a ziggaraut, through the assistance of flying and Enid turning into the form of their giant bat friend the companions safely make it across the water to the island. Entering the building the companions are faced with a small teapot like item emitting a sickly green light. Iss identifies a binding spell on the object and Martigan and Lul apprehensively creep closer.

“Hello friends!” the jar suddenly yells “Come closer! Ask a question!”

Surprised by this strange sort of welcome, Martigan, Lul, and Cecil each ask a question, each becoming more perturbed when their questions are seemingly ignored. As soon as the last question is uttered though the teapot breaks open and a tentagard appears!


The companions however manage to make quick work of the evil demon creature and happily continue on with their mission of hunting the Froghemoth.

Before too long however, the companions come upon a small hut; calling out to it a rather buff looking Boggart soon comes out, warily watching the companions as Cecil tries to mime to him to drink language comprehension potions. Eventually Cecil convinces the Boggart to do so and the two are able to converse freely. In the end the companions find out the following (some of it to their very great disappointment):

*Since the disappearance of the Oracle many unfortunate things have been happening (the companions of course lie about killing the Oracle themselves). Chief Garluu is very sad to hear the Oracle has died and concerned that his mental state was so unstable at the time.

*The Froghemoth is their revered god…sad…

*Chief Garluu had no desire to see Cecil’s burn scar on his penis from the Oracle incident, but Cecil proudly showed him anyway…

*Chief Garluu allows the companions to further explore the area unhindered and asks if they will kindly return the following night for a celebratory feast.

Unsure what to do about the Froghemoth now, the companions set out to explore further. Eventually they come upon what appears to have been the now vacant home of the Oracle, complete with an ephigy to some creature made out of easily destroyed mud and sticks…which Iss calmly knocks over and breaks. The ephigy had been present to protect the boggarts from some vampiric creature it seems, but the companions are certain they have already killed it and so ease their consciences. After exploring a bit more the companions return to the area Chief Garluu had assigned them as a camping area. Looking around a bit more though the companions soon find the opening to very dark cave complete with shreds of dirty webbing flowing gently in the soft breeze…



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